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Dearborn Baptist Sanctuary
What To Expect from DBC

Because we believe in the authority and power of Scripture, every service includes time in God's Word. However, each of the three weekly services (Sunday morning Worship, Family Bible Hour, Wednesday Night) have a unique flavor.

Sunday Morning Worship (10:30 -11:45 a.m.) includes music, scripture reading, prayer, an offering, and preaching. Congregational singing is a great blend of traditional hymns, modern hymns, and praise choruses. The sermon is a substantive exposition of a biblical passage communicated clearly and passionately.

Family Bible Hour (6-7pm) typically includes time focused on prayer and missionary outreach in addition to a brief sermon.

Wednesday Night (7-8 pm) consists of several individual meetings: An adult Bible study in the sanctuary, IGNITE Student Fellowship meeting in the Teen Ministry Center, and the Truth Trackers and Mini- Rangers meeting for activities.

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